NJ Information magazine is a freely distributed monthly magazine throughout Northern and Central New Jersey. It is a valuable portal for those who want to advertise their products and services to the Korean community of New Jersey.

NJ information is available on both internet and print platforms. There is an open forum for the wanted section for our readers to use freely.

It is distributed at all key Korean supermarkets, restaurants, doctor’s offices, and other public community areas. NJ Information is your valuable Korean business partner.

NJ Information magazine is published in Korean for easy accessibility to the Korean community.

It is packed with local New Jersey news as well as business, education, health, law, living and real estate information.

It is a cost effective and effective medium to advertise your products and services to the Korean audience.

NJ Information magazine is freely distributed at over 200 locations.

It is the best way to reach the Korean community.

Published by Ad Moa Agency 

18 Grand Cove Way, Edgewater, NJ 07020

Tel: 201-403-8236

website: njjungbo.com

email: njjungbo@gmail.com

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